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European Union Beef Market    PDF    Print    E-mail

European Union Beef Market – accredited HEREFORD producers reap rewards.

HEREFORDS are ideally suited to both the pasture and grain-fed components of the European Union beef market and compete on an even footing with the other British breeds for price and access to this premium market.

Price grids for European Union (EU) accredited cattle are more often than not the best on offer on any given day.  The grids are usually non-breed specific with British breeds and British breed crosses being preferred by producers, processors and exporters who service this relatively small but high value market.

Australia’s Annual EU Quota
GRASSFED - currently 7,150 tonnes of high quality beef. The Australian Government (Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry) administers and distributes the quota to eligible exporters based on their export performance. Buyers who negotiate to purchase Australian beef are supplied with a Certificate of Authenticity which provides concessional 20% duty up to the 7,150 tonnes limit.

GRAINFED - currently 20,000 tonnes of high quality beef. The in-quota import duty is 0% (nil) and applies to high quality fresh, chilled or frozen beef, sourced from cattle less than 30 months of age that comply with a specific grainfed diet. Australia’s application for access to this quota was approved by the European Union on 20 January 2010.

EU Product Requirements
GRASSFED – beef must meet the following specifications:

      Selected cuts from steer or heifer carcases.
      Classified under one of the following official categories – Y, YS, YG, YGS, YP or YPS as defined by AUS-MEAT
      AUS-MEAT meat colour reference standard 1B- 4
      AUS-MEAT fat colour reference standard 0-4
      P8 fat depth to AUS-MEAT fat classes 2-5 (over 2mm & up to 32mm)

GRAINFED – high quality fresh, chilled or frozen beef that conforms to the following requirements:

      From heifers or steers less than 30 months of age, fed a diet for the last 100 days before slaughter containing not less than 62% of concentrates and/or feed grain co-products on a dietary dry matter basis that meets or exceeds metabolisable energy content greater than 12.26MJ/kg of dry matter.
      Feedlot entry weights – most grids specify weights in the range of 380-500kgs
      Heifers and steers are to be fed, on average, no less than 1.4% of live body weight per day on a dry matter basis.
      AUS-MEAT meat colour reference standard 1A-3
      AUS-MEAT fat colour standard 0-3
      Maximum MSA ossification score of 260

Processors must have in-house chiller assessors who ensure all carcases comply with the requirements. Beef  exported to the EU must come from cattle raised on properties where all cattle are individually identified and proven to have never been treated with HGPs (other than breeding bulls).

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: PekkaLah January 13, 2011, 13:39
Täällä mielenkiintoinen opas lihanluokitukseen. Uutta minulle oli että ruhon ympäröivän rasvakerroksen tulee olla vähintään 3mm- ja siitä paksumpi jotta ruho jäähtyy tasaisesti.

Why do we need fat cover?
An even coverage of subcutaneous fat leads to even
chilling throughout the underlying muscles. The greater the
fat depth on a carcase, the slower and more uniform the
muscle-chilling rate will be. The coverage and distribution
of subcutaneous fat over primals helps prevent dehydration
and provides protection for the muscles from microbial

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: PekkaLah February 06, 2011, 13:46
Lihan suoramyyntiin hain tietoa dry-aged raakakypsentämisestä. Silmiin osui tällainen opas. Pääpointti kuivaraakakypsentämisestä on että vain prime ja choice luokat ovat tarpeeksi rasvaisia raakakypsentämisen onnistumiseksi. Rasva suojaa lihasta pilaantumiselta prosessin aikana. Myös oleelllista on että raakakypsennetään kokonainen lihas kerrallaan(paras lienee koko ruhona). Kuivaraakakypsennys tuo makua ja mureutta mitä ei vakuumissa raakakypsytyksellä saada. oh no.... vaikiaks menöö

""Aging Beef at Home!

1. Only the top grades of beef can be dry aged successfully. Use USDA Prime or USDA Choice - Yield Grade 1 or 2 (the highest quality of Choice) only. These have a thick layer of fat on the outside to protect the meat from spoiling during the aging process.

2. Buy a whole rib-eye or loin strip. [You cannot age individual steaks.] Unwrap it, rinse it well with cold water, and allow it to drain; then pat it very dry with paper towels.

3. Wrap the meat in immaculately clean, large, plain white cotton dish towels and place it on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator - which is the coldest spot.

4. Change the towels each day, replacing the moisture-soiled towels with fresh. Continue to change towels as needed for 10 days, to 2 weeks. (See Step #7 for cleaning towels.)

5. After the desired aging time, you're ready to cut off steaks from each end, trim as desired, and allow the rest to continue to age in the refrigerator.

6. If, after 21 days, you have not eaten all the meat, cut the remaining piece into steaks, wrap each steak in freezer-proof, heavy-duty plastic wrap, and freeze. The steaks will keep for several months in the freezer.

7. To clean the towels for re-use, soak the soiled towels, immediately upon removing them from the meat, in cold water overnight. Next, soak them in cold, salted water for 2-3 hours to remove any blood stains. Then launder as usual. In olden days, butchers used to cover sides of beef with cotton "shrouds" during the aging process - this is essentially the same thing.""

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: PekkaLah February 09, 2011, 18:02

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: PekkaLah February 22, 2011, 13:33

Itänaapurimme ovat varsinaisia herkkusuita. Linkissä oleva tilaus ei paljon ranskalaisrotuja sisällä. Näissä tilauksissa ei puhuta ihan 1 tai 2 härästä.

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: PekkaLah February 27, 2011, 12:20
Taas haeskelin liha-asiaa Googgelilla niin tällainen hyppäsi silmille:

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah February 27, 2011, 12:37

Vanha uutinen, mutta laitetaan silti. Tuli samaisella haulla:

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: PekkaLah March 03, 2011, 14:34

Varmasti hyvvää:

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah March 03, 2011, 17:10

"Preliminary results from Australia's Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) in Meat Quality clearly demonstrate significant consumer benefit from British breeds.

Using a composite scoring system (MQ4 score) that included tenderness, juiciness, flavour and overall eating quality acceptability; peak force and marbling (IMF%), British breed sired calves ranked higher than European, Brahman or Brahman derived sire breeds.

    * Genotype        MQ4      score peak force (kg) IMF(%)
    * British breed   59        4.49                           4.00
    * European        53        4.95                           2.50
    * Brahman         41        5.60                           2.57
    * Brahman derived 50   5.15                              2.90"

Elikkäs Brittirodut napanneet voiton makutesteissä australiassa. Lähde: uudistuneilla Herefords australia kotisivuilla.

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: PekkaLah March 07, 2011, 18:35

Herefordilla menee hyvin maailmalla. Hinnat korkealla ja rekisteröinti määrät kovassa nousussa.

"“Ten years ago Hereford birth weight was too high, mature cow weights were too big (the result of over-reacting to the introduction of Euro breeds) and milk was poor. The breed has followed Angus in breed improvement and there are now plenty of ‘curve benders’ (low birth, high growth, good carcase) in the Hereford breed. There are also fertility and disposition issues with Angus that a Hereford infusion can adjust. More commercial cattle producers are using $15-$20 Hereford semen in their black herds. The American Hereford Association’s advertising campaign claiming Herefords to be The Efficiency Specialists’ has worked well”, said Mrs. Marshall."

""In more evidence of the Hereford resurgence in the USA, the 70 year old privately owned giant US and international food company JR Simplot & Co, the second largest cow-calf operator in the US with 30,000 cows on 15 ranches and two feedlots holding 220,000 head, has turned to Herefords to ‘add consistency and value to the Simplot program’.""


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: PekkaLah March 16, 2011, 23:06

Tekivätpä taas Herefordia Top Chefissä.

Reseptit talteen! Onnistuukohan muista roduista ??? ;D

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: PekkaLah March 30, 2011, 21:23


: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah April 07, 2011, 17:24

HF ja AB bisnes on selkeasti nousussa tuolla itänaapurin puolella! Jenkit ostelee osuuksia "rancheista".

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: PekkaLah April 10, 2011, 23:39
Pohjois-Irlannin Aberdeen Angus yhdistyksen järjestämässä pihvinmaisto testissä HEREFORD pihvi maisteltiin parhaimmaksi!!

""Hereford fillet steak from Hannan Meats at Moira took the Supreme Championship at the inaugural Northern Ireland steak tasting competition.

The event organised by the European Aberdeen Angus Society to highlight the eating quality of local beef, attracted a large number of entries from the principal red meat processors and butchers across the province. A number of breeds and crosses were featured with a very strong showing from the Native Breeds. However it was the Hereford that was the firm favourite with the taste panel - selecting both the fillet and sirloin steaks from the Hannan entry to win their respective classes, before being awarded the Top Prize.
Robin Irvine, Chairman of the Hereford Society was delighted with the result – “ This was a very high calibre entry and it’s great to see the quality of the Hereford product recognised as Best in Class.
It is a tremendous accolade and could not have been achieved without the expertise and dedication of Peter Hannan and his  team at Hannan Meats. They share our vision for the Hereford brand and are a vital link in the chain which brings the product from farm to the very top end of the restaurant and food service sector.”
Robin confirmed that demand for the Hereford product was currently outstripping supply – “ We are keen to source more cattle for our weekly kill of Certified Hereford Beef at Omagh Meats every Tuesday”.""

"The chefs and restaurant managers were particularly knocked out by the succulence and flavour of the Hereford Ribeye Steak.

Jilly Dougan from Hannans added “The Hereford beef was very well received and we had a lot of very enthusiastic comments from everyone who tasted it. The Hereford ribeye has already become a feature on the menus of the leading hotels throughout the group with some also offering fillet and sirloin from our Hereford range”."

Lainaukset Englannin HF-yhristyksen uutisista.

Oliskohan uskottava että lihoissa on eroja??

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: PekkaLah May 08, 2011, 23:41
Barwise 1 wellington:

On sillä persettä!!

Tanskalaisetkin päässeet käsiksi huippusonneihin.   :D

Hintakaan ei ole kuin 40€. Miksi kaikki muut saa siemenensä aina niin halvalla :-\

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Satu May 11, 2011, 12:44
Barnstormerilla hieno nahka  ;D

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah May 17, 2011, 21:53
Komia on muuten nahka!! Mikähän geenivirhe tuokin??

Semexin sonnit suosiossa:

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah June 05, 2011, 21:51

Hereford prime valittu uudessa-seelannissa parhaaksi Biffi brändiksi:

"Hereford Prime Named Best Branded Beef In The Country

A Hereford Prime sirloin processed by Bowmont Wholesale Meats in Invercargill has been judged the best branded beef product in New Zealand at the highly contended Steak of Origin Awards.

Bowmonts were awarded first place in the Best of Brand – Retail class and then went on to take out top honours winning the title of Grand Champion - Brand.

Accepting the award at the ceremony, Stephen Flynn from Bowmonts said the award was  recognition not just for them as the retailer and processor, but it also highlights the pride and effort Hereford breeders take in their cattle and product.

“This win reflects Hereford Prime’s dedication to quality,” said Stephen.

Hereford Prime chairman Laurie Paterson said “it’s a tremendous win and we are extremely proud of Bowmont’s achievements.”

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah June 12, 2011, 20:39
Laatulihaa naapurimaasta:

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah June 17, 2011, 14:17

Hyvä pohojammaan pojat !!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah September 05, 2011, 21:51

 :o :o 8)

Hieanoo pojjaat!!!!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah September 22, 2011, 08:24

Herefordilla menee hyvin maailmalla. Eläinmäärät, sonni-ja siemenmyynnit hurjassa kasvussa.

Mustat karjat hakevat hedelmällisyyttä, kasvua, rauhallisempaa luonnetta ja risteytyselinvoimaa...

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah September 23, 2011, 11:02

Käytännön Maamiehen 10/2011 keskiaukeama. Herkkulihan tuotantoa!!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah October 11, 2011, 21:29

Kannattaa lukaista Hereford Digest lokakuun numero sivulta 66. Siellä on juttua venäläisistä karjankasvattajista. Venäläisrancheri mm. toteaa testanneensa kaikkia suurimpia pihvirotuja, mutta herefordit olivat parhaita("outlasted them all"). Se lienee syy myös viimeaikaisiin Faban viestittelyihin. ;D

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah October 24, 2011, 12:19

sivu 13    :'(

Ei voi mitään. Ihmettelen kyllä syvästi miksi suussa maukkaamasta ja mureammasta lihasta tuottajalle maksetaan noin paljon vähemmän.  :'(

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah October 27, 2011, 20:43

Sonnia tarjolla!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah October 29, 2011, 15:08


: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah December 14, 2011, 23:41
Pohjanmaalta kuuluu jälleen!

Syvä kumarrus pojille!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah February 01, 2012, 23:07

Uusin Top Chef jakso KANNATTAA katsoa!!!

jakso nimeltä: Maalaisruokaa maitokärrystä

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah November 14, 2012, 19:25

Onnittelut Pepperille!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah November 21, 2012, 18:15

Voi kun olis olosuhteet kuin tuolla jenkkilässä. Pieni kuivuus on aina parempi kuin jatkuva sade.

On hinnat kohillaan ameriikassa.

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: herenu December 16, 2012, 19:18
Katsokaa videolta noin 3 minuutin kohdalta miten rasvaa pitää olla, että saadaan kunnon marmoria. Mikähän olisi EUROP rasvaluokka.

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah January 10, 2013, 20:46
"The Hereford Cattle Breeders’ Association (HCBA) have developed the Christmas Calf Show since its inception some five years ago and have added an International dimension to the show by obtaining judges from the Republic of Ireland, Denmark and now France. Remi has been a great ally of the Hereford Breed over many years and has been influential in developing the Breed in France. He stated that membership had now grown to 90 Hereford Breeders in France and added that “not one of them had a single animal for sale, as demand for Hereford beef was strong and they also look to increase their herd size.” He reported that “top chefs and restaurants in France, particularly in Paris, now acknowledge the merits of British Beef and specifically knew and recognised the quality of Hereford Beef.” He added that the large retailer Metro had re-launched it Premier Beef range of ‘Vintage Hereford Beef’ following an arrangement with a new supplier of Hereford Beef."

Lainattu:"Hereford cattle society":ltä

Yllättäen Herespurtit valloittaa Ranskaa!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah January 20, 2013, 19:11

Hinnat ne vaan kovenee ympäri maailman. Oli charot 20snt/kg halavempia ku heret. Taitaa tuonkin videon härät löytyä ravintoloitten listoilta Suomessakin...

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Hannele January 21, 2013, 13:56
Hinnat kovenee myös toisella puolen:  Mile High Night Salessa "Pick of the herd" eli valitse mikä tahansa lehmävasikka Ned and Jan Wardin karjasta, $30 000! siis lehmävasikasta.

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah January 21, 2013, 17:55
Hinnat kovenee myös toisella puolen:  Mile High Night Salessa "Pick of the herd" eli valitse mikä tahansa lehmävasikka Ned and Jan Wardin karjasta, $30 000! siis lehmävasikasta.

Siinä on hinta kohillaan, kyllä harmittaa ku ottaa ja jalkansa katkoo. Siinä ketutuksessa  tuntuis moeskarin katteetkin pieniltä  ;D

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah February 05, 2013, 11:16
Topp herefords sale results:

TH 512X 719T 9050 VICTOR 14Z - High seller on Topp Hereford Sale at $210 000.

108 bulls averaged $10 200.
10 donor cows averaged $42 500.
30 embryos averaged $1 100

Kohtuullinen tulos, sanoisin...

Tässä linkissä on tuon kalliin sonnin suku(huomaako kukaan mittään erikoista?):

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Satu February 06, 2013, 14:45
Oiskoon pikkusen sukusiitetty  :-X  näin suuressa maailmassa, meillä Suomessa hyi, hyi ja hui hui  ::)

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah February 23, 2013, 10:20

Canadan Hereford cataloogi. Aikasen paljon on täälläkin saatavilla olevia sonneja. Pilgrimkin taas kiivennyt näytille. Uusiakin Worldwide sonneja tulossa...

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: marja February 24, 2013, 15:05
Tässä vaihteeksi kotimainen uutinen. "Suomen paras" hereford lehmä Alpakka aloitti eilen meidän tilamme poikimakauden tekemällä sonnivasikan Wondererista. Poikiminen sujui oikein helposti ja mallikkaasti ja vasikka sai nimen Luoteen Kelpomies, se on kookas (52kg), sametti turkkinen hurmuri, josta taitaa tulla aika isänsä näköinen, kunhan saa kerättyä ympärilleen samanlaiset lihakset. :D ;)

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Hannele February 26, 2013, 13:32
Hinnat senkun nousee, uusi ennätyshinta $ 600 000, sonnin alusta! :o

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah February 26, 2013, 19:35
Hinnat senkun nousee, uusi ennätyshinta $ 600 000, sonnin alusta! :o


Siinä kävelee kallis elikko. Muuttivat nimen jostain syystä kaupan jälkeen ???

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Hannele March 16, 2013, 20:54
Hinnat kovenee myös toisella puolen:  Mile High Night Salessa "Pick of the herd" eli valitse mikä tahansa lehmävasikka Ned and Jan Wardin karjasta, $30 000! siis lehmävasikasta.
Pitänee korjata, tuo olikin uutis-ankka! Oikea hinta oli $40 500 ;D

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah March 29, 2013, 09:33

Herefordille on ilmeisesti kysyntää.

voi kun Suomeenkin syntyisi moinen lisähintoineen.

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah March 31, 2013, 15:07

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Joni March 31, 2013, 20:20
Hieno juttu Herefordeista ja vähän muustakin :)

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah April 01, 2013, 12:07

Vihdoinkin hyviä uutisia!

Enää ei pysty ostamaan siemenoikeuksia hereford sonneista! Hereford world council päätti asiasta. Semexin sonneja saa nyt suoraan 26€/annos.

Faba korjaa jalostusarvolaskentansa ja luopuu kokonaisjalostusarvosta. Myös kantakirjausmaksujen hinnoittelu yhtenäistetään Viking Genetiksin alueella!! Kustannukset laskevat merkittävästi.

Eikä siinä vielä kaikki. Teurastamot siirtyvät laatuun ja todelliseen lihansaantoon perustuvaan hinnoitteluun. Pihvihiehojen ja lehmien hinnoittelu yhtenäistetään muun Euroopan tasolle.

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Hannele April 01, 2013, 16:24
 ;) Hyvä Pekka!

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: Satu April 01, 2013, 19:57
 :D Meidän Aprilli lehmä teki tänään sonnivasikan, nimeksi tuli Kepponen, Ja tämä on tosi  :D

: Vs: Herefordi uutisia
: PekkaLah June 05, 2013, 11:56


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